We will not tutor you. 

What we do, is we teach students how to ace their exams, demonstrate how to master content for a wide variety of ATAR courses, and guarentee that they get the results they want.

At ATARCRUSH, we've realised that schools may throw a tonne of content at students, but they don't actually teach them how to excel and get the ATAR ranking they want. 

We understand the importance of achieving exceptional ATAR results and unlocking opportunities for a bright future.

 Our new and unique take on what it is to help students achieve the results they want is designed to empower students to guarentee they excel.

Ask yourself or your child this:

When was the last time that my teacher/tutor told me information about the niches of ATAR exams, the secrets on how the exam writers operate, or strategies and techniques not taught in the curriculum that're more effective than what everyone else has been taught?


Specialised operators

Our workshop operators aren't people who havent seen the inside of a classroom in 15 years. We take high achieving university students who got top tier ATARs and want to help highschool students succeed.

Comprehensive Program

Our Program uses our unrivaled and unduplicatable system to teach students how to succeed in the exams in order to achieve whatever ATAR they want.

Proven Results

We take pride in our student success stories. We have helped numerous students achieve outstanding results. Our track record speaks for itself

 Resources You won't find anywhere else

Look forward to resources such as a 24/7 SMS  group  to ask tutors any questions you may have, weekly summaries of  content to avoid having to write notes when you're supposed to be learning

and much more!

Whether you're aiming to get accepted for medicine, or need an extra couple points in order to get qualfiy for your degree, at ATARCRUSH we WANT to HELP YOU THRIVE.

Join our community of motivated students who are tired of the traditional education system not providing them with the resources available in order to give them the best chance of success.