Our Story

Its about time I introduced myself.

Hi, I am one of the co-founders of ATARCRUSH. I graduated from highschool in 2021, and my time there... was unique to say the least.

I took 6 of the hardest courses offered at my school.
The only times in high school where I actually studied was in the two weeks of ATAR exams, in semester one and 2, and the week before my WACE exams.  

I am currently undertaking a double degree at Curtin University, majoring in Chemical Engineering with honours and Finance. 

How'd I do it?

To be frank, I always had a mind for problem solving. and the biggest problem I faced... Was how I was being taught!

I had content shoved down my throat for six hours a day, 5 days a week.

Not once was I actually taught how to do well on my exams.

Except for one teacher.

I had one teacher who knew the course material inside and out, who knew how the exams writers thought and exactly what they were looking for, in every question. He taught us the foundations and connected them to the most advanced topics of the course, he taught us things that weren't in the course, but put us miles ahead of the other students.

This system was developed thanks to him, and has been extrapolated to every subject we offer tutoring in.